Community Relations

Our community relations begin during the exploration phase, and continue through a mine’s development and operation, and long after the mine’s eventual closure.

Each operation’s Environmental Impact Assessment includes a comprehensive examination of issues and potential impacts, including environmental, social, and economic issues. In each operation, we identify affected stakeholders based on the potential and severity of impacts – both positive and negative – and develop an engagement plan for consultations. We measure, track, and manage our impacts on an ongoing basis.

In 2019, we launched an enterprise-level community relations management system, which required each development project and operation to develop a formal community relations strategy and plan to meet each community’s specific needs. The systems include formal grievance mechanisms.

We also engaged with communities as part of our 2019 materiality assessment, and this report’s improved disclosures are, in part, in response to the results of the assessment.

Our community relations system’s policies and activities are monitored and governed by the Safety and Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors, which helps ensure compliance with applicable laws, legislation, and policies.