Puna Operations

Local schools, training and procurement

The Puna Operations in Jujuy Province, Argentina has six local communities that are closest to, and most directly affected by, our operations. We engage with those communities as well as with another eight communities that are further away and less directly impacted.

In rural Jujuy, we partner with many local schools to improve educational outcomes. Since 2012, we have supported the renovation of six local schools. In collaboration with the Argentina Ministry of Education, we helped create a program to enable community members, including our employees, to complete their secondary education.

Our training program to encourage women to train as heavy equipment operators in the mine—which is discussed elsewhere in this report–resulted in approximately 60 local women joining the workforce.

Our procurement policies are targeted to local services and suppliers, especially during the development and construction phases of the Chinchillas mine in 2018. We also provided entrepreneurship training to help community members and businesses secure procurement contracts at the mine.