Seabee Gold Operation

Local training/recruitment, sponsorships and procurement

The Seabee Gold Operation in Northern Saskatchewan is a remote, fly-in fly-out operation whose only land-transportation access is an ice road that is only open for about ten winter weeks. Our engagement and outreach is focused on five local, majority Indigenous, communities.

Our training, education, and recruitment support targets local communities— and currently more than 34% of Seabee staff identify as Indigenous, and 17% are from local communities.

The mine’s local sponsorship commitment ensures that funds are directed strategically. We supported the construction of the Hector Thiboutot Community School Youth Camp, which promotes cultural heritage among youth in the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation Band. For several years we have funded a breakfast program at the Gordon Deny School in La Ronge, in partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada. The program provides a nutritious breakfast in an inclusive, caring environment for nearly 220 students.

The mine’s procurement policy screens suppliers using Northern Saskatchewan criteria. A Northern business is defined as any business or ownership structure that is located within, and provides employment to, residents of the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District.