Climate Change Risks

We recognize that climate change and extreme weather are material issues across the mining industry and that our operations potentially contribute to these throughout their life. In 2019, we started a formal approach to assessing climate risks throughout our operations starting with assessment of physical risks associated with climate change.

The physical risk assessment includes risks associated to changes in rainfall rates, reduced water availability, higher temperatures, increased snowpack, and extreme weather events. For example, rising temperatures could affect the seasonal service time of the ice road connecting Seabee to its sources of supplies and equipment.

The results of the physical risk assessments will form the basis of a comprehensive strategy and framework that will allow SSR mining to manage the associated risks of Climate Change.

At SSR, we are committed to being part of the global solution to the climate change challenge, by managing our energy use and reducing GHG emissions to contribute to achieving global reduction targets, including those set out in the Paris Agreement. Reducing energy usage is part of our mine planning and optimization strategies. Reducing haul distances, minimizing our mining fleet, and optimizing grinding processes, can all reduce our energy requirements and GHG emissions.