Local Employment

For local communities, employment opportunities are a primary benefit of our presence, and we seek to maximize local hiring at all our operations.

At Seabee, five local communities, (defined by their proximity to the mine) are the focus of our outreach efforts. At Puna Operations, there are 14 local communities. Six are defined as ‘direct’, and eight as ‘indirect’, based on their proximity. At the Chinchillas mine, 100% of recent hires have been residents of local communities. At the Marigold Mine, a significant majority of the workforce are residents of Nevada.

Local Employment

Site 2019 No. of employees
(as of dec 31st)
% of Total Workforce
(does not include contractors)
Marigold1 386 100%
Northern2 77 19%
Indigenous 121 30%
Local Community3 52 13%
Puna4 322 51%

1) Local employee at Marigold is defined as en employee residing in one of the following counties: Humboldt, Lander, or Elko.

2) As defned by regulatory requirements.

3) defined as communities that may be affected by, have an interest in and/or an influence a project

4) Local employee is defined as an employee from one of the ‘direct’ or ‘indirect’ impact communities.