Training and Development

Training and development are key to our approach to organizational excellence. In 2019, we made a significant commitment to improve leadership competencies among our line managers through the implementation of a customized leadership development program (LEAD). In addition to defining critical competencies that impact safety and operations, we commenced a long-term development program in 2019 that will be followed by additional site-specific leadership development activities designed to foster long-term leadership enhancement. After running a pilot program at our three operations, we rolled out LEAD across the company in 2019. This ambitious program is part of our commitment to operational excellence and to developing our people for long, successful careers at SSR.

GRI 404-1: 2019 Average Total hours of training by gender (LEAD Training Only)

Location Female Employees Male Employees Total
Corporate 312 368 680
Marigold 376 2560 2936
Seabee 640 2100 2740
Puna 364 5266 5630
Mexico 0 0 0
Peru 0 0 0
Total  1,692  10,294  11,986