Board Diversity

We recognize the benefits that diversity provides to our Board of Directors. A diverse mix of skills, expertise, experience, perspectives, age, and characteristics leads to a more robust understanding of opportunities, issues and risks, and to stronger decision-making. We also recognize that the promotion of a diverse Board makes prudent business sense and promotes better oversight and corporate governance.

Our Board Diversity Policy promotes the benefits of – and need for – Board diversity. The policy outlines our commitment to a merit-based system for Board composition within a diverse and inclusive culture that solicits multiple perspectives and views and is free of conscious or unconscious bias and discrimination. Our Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee reviews our Board Diversity Policy annually and assesses its effectiveness in promoting a diverse Board.

In March 2019, we joined the Catalyst Accord 2022 and the 30% Club Canada, two diversity initiatives aimed at accelerating the advancement of women in Canada.

The Catalyst Accord 2022 aims to increase the average percentage of women on boards and women in executive positions in corporate Canada to 30% or greater by 2022 and share key metrics with Catalyst to benchmark collective progress towards these goals.

The 30% Club Canada works with the business community to achieve better gender balance on company boards and within the senior leadership of Canadian companies. The initiative is focused on building a strong foundation of business leaders who are committed to meaningful and sustainable gender balance in business leadership.

Joined Catalyst accord 2022 and 30% Club of Canada